Moose Jaw Criminal Defence Lawyer

Moose Jaw Criminal Defense Lawyer

What Criminal Lawyers Do in Moose Jaw

A criminal defence lawyer plays a significant role during a criminal case. They are responsible for protecting those who have been charged with a crime. They speak on behalf of the client in the courtroom.

Case Assessment

In Moose Jaw, a criminal defence lawyer can be contacted face to face with the defendants. Most criminal defence lawyers are public defenders. There are also private lawyers in Moose Jaw. However, public defenders are paid lower salaries than private lawyers.

However, our criminal defence lawyer can meet with the client personally. We try to get as much detail as possible about the case. Our lawyers will ask specific questions related to the case and will know about the possible defence about the case.

Collecting and Analysis of Evidence

First, our criminal defence lawyers are collecting evidence. After gathering evidence, they analyze the evidence to protect you. Our lawyers carefully study the facts and theories of the case and examine the evidence to determine to find a proper method that will work against the client’s conviction.

Contacting and Recruiting Witnesses

A good defence strategy is to have witnesses whose testimony can prove that the accused person is not involved in the crime. Our criminal lawyers will also contact the witnesses and convince them to testify on your behalf.

Jury Selection

A criminal defence lawyer can also help with the jury selection process. An experienced lawyer will argue your defence in a court of law to fight prosecutorial charges on behalf of you.

Defending Your Rights

When prosecutors examine the accused, the criminal defence lawyer can do so in a way that makes the accused themselves guilty. The court will object to any attempt by the prosecutor to ensure that your lawyer will be in court and answer the question. Our criminal defence lawyer has a proven record in defending the rights of our clients.

Plea Bargaining

Plea bargaining allows a criminal case to be settled out of court, usually before a trial. An appeal agreement enables a defendant to plead guilty to one or more criminal counts in exchange for a reduction in charges or sentencing.

Our criminal defence lawyers may be able to assist the defendant in securing an appropriate contract that could result in a reduction or possible penalty.

Participation in the Trail

Our criminal defence lawyers will fight for their client at trial. They examined the witnesses, interdicted state witnesses, and try to convince the jury.

Sentencing Phase

If you have been convicted of the crime and accepted a plea bargain, our criminal defence lawyer represent you at the time of sentencing. Our lawyers may discuss factors that can help a judge or jury and discuss possible options for incarceration to understand how much time you can spend.

Contact us for a consultation

If you are charged with a criminal offense, don’t face the problem alone. Being accused of a crime is stressful. Criminal records or the possibility of imprisonment is always frustrating. Even if you think there is no defence, we may be able to help you. We are providing an initial consultation during which we will review the circumstances of your case, the process, fee structure, and what we can do for you.



    Moose Jaw Criminal Defence Lawyer

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