Moose Jaw Drug Smuggling Lawyer

Moose Jaw Drug Smuggling Lawyer

Smuggling is defended in a way that illegally transportation of money, goods, or persons in a violation of laws and regulations. Drug smuggling means illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, or marijuana transport one state to other states.

However, drug smuggling has recently made the news international and has thrown a global spotlight on crime. In some cases, smuggling is viewed by the government as a terrorist act. The punishment for this act may be ended in fines or penalties.

Smuggling may involve both the transport of drugs and any related activity outside the border. If you are facing charges of drug smuggling, the assistance of an experienced Moose Jaw drug crime lawyer is available to you. Be calm and call a lawyer immediately. An experienced criminal lawyer can help you to get out of this situation.

How Does Drug Smuggling Occur?

Drug smuggling is the act of transporting drugs from one region to another for distribution, possession, use, or sale. It happens when a person has a plan to distribute, sell, import, and transport drugs illegally. It can occur when someone tries to smuggle drugs across the country’s borders.

In some cases, it can happen in different ways. Let’s see some ways in which drug smuggling occurs.

  • Advertisements for the sale of drugs
  • Delivering drugs to another person to distribute or sell purposes
  • Shipping drugs by mail
  • Coordination in drug transportation
  • Selling drugs to another person

Charges of Drug Smuggling in Moose Jaw

Smuggling means illegally moving drugs to a country through the border. Under Canadian law, smuggling includes several drug trafficking charges. Let’s take a look at the smuggling charges.

Smuggling Marijuana and Its Charges

Canada has legalized medical and recreational marijuana for people more than 25 years old. However, Canadian law does not allow the properly licensed persons to bring marijuana from other states. While transporting, importing, selling, or providing marijuana in Moose Jaw, you may charge with a violation offence. The sentences depending on drug quantity and also on the age.

If you are charged with drug smuggling, and it is your first-time offense, you might be faced with a fine of $1000 and imprisonment for up to 6 months in jail. If you are selling or distributing marijuana or are convicted of a dangerous, violent, or sexual offense, you may be charged with a crime.

While you are charging for smuggling marijuana, you might be faced with up to 4 years of imprisonment in jail. Smuggling marijuana is a significant issue of all crimes. If you are arrested for a marijuana offense, contact a Moose Jaw drug smuggling lawyer.

Smuggling Narcotics and Its Charges

Importing, transporting, selling, or give away any controlled substances is defined as narcotics. If you are offering or attempting to transport illegal drugs from one state to another state, you might get imprisonment in jail for up to 5 years.

It is important to consult your case as soon as possible to avoid a longer prison sentence. To get rid of this situation, you can contact our experienced criminal defence lawyer. Our lawyers are the best in the field of drug smuggling cases, and give you the best possible outcome of your case.

Smuggling Non-Narcotic Drugs and Its Charges

In Moose Jaw, if you are transporting and importing illegal drugs into the state to sell, you might be charged with drug smuggling with non-narcotic. In other cases, if you are offering someone to import or transport illegal drugs like cocaine or unprescribed drugs, you might get arrested for this serious crime.

In some of the cases, someone attempts to transport and import any controlled substance into the state. It is considered a serious crime in Moose Jaw. Moreover, if you carry a controlled substance in Moose Jaw from one state to another state, then you might get face up to 9 years imprisonment in jail.

If you are charged with smuggling in a controlled substance country or state, you should contact a criminal defence lawyer. For this purpose, you can choose our firm’s lawyer.

How Our Lawyers Help

We have an outstanding record of prior successes. Our lawyers always give their best to provide you with the best possible outcome. If the evidence is not too strong, our lawyers will challenge the prosecutor’s validity by raising reasonable doubt against your drug trafficking allegation.

Our lawyers work to collect evidence and place it into the court to ensure your rights. On the other hand, if your evidence is reliable, we will work to minimize the potential consequences you may face through effective negotiation.

Whether you are charged with cocaine distribution or heroin smuggling, our lawyers can effectively tackle your case. For skilled representation from experienced lawyers, come to our office.

Contact us today to get an initial consultation

When you are charged with smuggling drugs, it essential to contact an experienced criminal lawyer. Keep in mind that prosecutors and police are looking for as much evidence as possible to convict you and keep you in prison. While you are charged for drug smuggling, be calm, and do not handle the case by yourself. Try to avoid talking to the police, and consult with an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Moreover, you can minimize the risk of saying anything that the court by hiring a criminal defence lawyer. So, it is important to talk with a lawyer while you are charged with a drug-related case. Regarding this, you may call the Criminal Lawyer in Moose Jaw at (306) 634-7777 for an initial consultation.

Whether you are charged with cocaine distribution or heroin smuggling, our lawyers can effectively tackle your case. For skilled representation from experienced lawyers, come to our office.



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