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Drug smuggling and trafficking

Drug smuggling in the US from the Canadian borders have increased in the recent past and a number of cases on this aspect have been reported recently. The drug enforcement administration of the united states department of justice has been quite active in this regard to stop such incidents.

An insight into the case

A Canadian man named Martin has been sentenced to a 7 year in prison as he has been proved guilty of smuggling drugs across the northern borders of the united states. This man is a 46 years old man from the Canadian state of Saskatchewan. The decision has been taken according to the laws of the united states with the collaboration of drug smuggling law office Moose Jaw. The man pleaded guilty in 2018 for being involved in the transport of substances like cocaine, MDMA, Marijuana in helicopters across the northern borders of the united states of America.

The man responsible for this smuggling did not except such a strict action by the united states as he was a Canadian but in this case, the two government came forward and the US lawyer in charge of this case said that he appreciates the collaboration of the two international governments in solving drug crimes affecting both the nations.

The case was investigated by the drug enforcement administration (DEA), in association with Royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) and the highway patrol authority of Utah. The case was prosecuted under the assistant lawyer of the united states Sarah Vogel in association with the Department of Justice office of international affairs and criminal prosecution lawyer Moose Jaw– Canada.

 The DEA is active in various ways

  • They have a distinct forensic team to investigate cases.
  • Keep a record of all drug-related cases occurring in the united states.
  • Educate youngsters about drug effects through various campaigns and other sessions.
  • Operate on domestic as well as international scale to prevent drug smuggling in the United States.
  • Formulation of different drug policy and drug regulations in the US.
  • The DEA takes the responsibility of investigation and prosecution of those who violate any laws related to the drug dealing and import to the united states.
  • The DEA collaborates with different international agencies to work on matters related to international drug control programs.

The DEA collaborates with the federal, state and local agencies to enforce laws on drug dealings and usage. In this case they collaborated according to the drug smuggling defence law Moose Jaw, the official website has detailed information regarding different drugs and clearly mentions those which are not allowed in the united states. They have categorized different drugs into distinct categories like cannabis, depressants, designer drugs, drugs of concern, hallucinogens, inhalant, narcotics, steroid and stimulants which is different from that of Canadian laws, stated a reputed drug smuggling defence lawyer Moose Jaw.

Thus, the DEA is in full charge of the drug control in the united states. The Canadian government provides its full support to the DEA. Thus, in case of any criminal offence related to drug dealing you have to face the public prosecutor of the DEA. These prosecutors are trained and specialize to specifically deal with such cases. Fighting a drug-dealing case against the DEA is an extremely difficult job.



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