Moose Jaw Murder lawyer

Moose Jaw Murder lawyer

Murder is the most heinous crime worldwide. It is defined as a predetermined or unpleasant act of killing a person or something that causes pain or discomfort in the body. Many states in Canada may include the death penalty for conviction of murder.

When you are facing a murder charge illegally, your priority is to find a top defence lawyer. The criminal lawyer in  Moose Jaw can present your case in court to provide you justice through legal representation.

Our defence lawyers understand the importance of your situation. We also know that each step must be carefully calculated when you are facing a murder charge. We have experienced defence lawyers who can help you to carefully navigate your case from the first day till the end.

Understanding Murder Laws in Moose Jaw

Murder is an unlawful killing. But the result and punishment of murder is pretty bad in Moose Jaw Canada, so you need to know the laws related to murder in Moose Jaw.

There are several degrees of murder charges in Moose Jaw. The most common being first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree offences. Here is a brief description of these murder cases and charges.

First-Degree Murder

The first-degree murder is defined as a pre-planned killing during the task of a particular crime. Deliberate murder can be promoted to first-degree murder based on several provocative factors, including the following:

  • The victim was a witness to a crime, and the murderer was promised to keep the witness from testifying.
  • The victim was a police officer, judge, ambulance driver, peace officer, or other person identified in the constitution, knew the defendant’s whereabouts or reasonably should have known, and during the murder of his victim or his official duties.

The first-degree murder charge is considered a capital offence, which can be punished to life imprisonment.

Second-Degree Murder

Second Degree Murder is also an intentional murder but has lack of plan like the first-degree murder. A person who convicts a second-degree murder has to serve a maximum of 8 years sentence with at least 4 years imprisonment.

Third-Degree Murder

Third-degree murder is the task of a homicide without motive or misconduct and without committing specific crimes. It carries a minimum sentence of 10 years of imprisonment with a maximum punishment for 25 years in jail.

In Moose Jaw, the murder laws are complex, and it is determining in different degrees of charge with different cases. You can contact our experienced murder lawyer to help you understand your charges.

Defence against a murder charge in Moose Jaw

Murder is defined as intentionally or unintentionally killing another person. Defending against murder charges can be a daunting and challenging task with the responsibility of protecting people from violent criminals.

The criminal Lawyer in Moose Jaw fully understands the tactics and techniques used by the prosecution and is ready to build a solid defence for you. The following are some issues to be resolved in the surrey murder case.

Requirements of Pleading

There are usually two critical elements to the crime of murder. One is the defendant planned to kill the accused, and the other one is the defendant killed the victim. Sometimes the defendant does not intend to kill the victim. In that case, the defendant was found less guilty of the crime.

Evidence Collection

The process of discovery in a murder case can be quite extensive. Since murder is the most significant of all crimes, the defendants are expected to use every evidence, including blood type analysis, DNA evidence, forensic evidence, and ballistic. Another important fact may include photographic evidence, police reports, witness statements, and evidence reports.

What We Can Do For You

When you are charged with murder, it is important to hire a defence lawyer as soon as possible. In most cases, the legal system is not known to many. The benefits of hiring our defence lawyers are enormous. Our defence lawyers will investigate your rights and protect you throughout the investigation.

We will make sure you are only questioned in the appropriate settings and inappropriate ways, and we will keep an eye out for any abuse or police brutality. When you charge for a murder case, our lawyers do a lot. Some of the important factors we can do are as follows.

Fighting for Your Rights

Each case we accept, we will carefully investigate every piece of evidence the prosecution wants to use against you. In Moose Jaw, our lawyers will lead the case for the best possible outcome. Whether the state is forced to dismiss or reduce the charges brought against you, we create a successful defence of the trial.

Our defence lawyer has the skills and the courage to stand up to you when the state wants to give you punishment. In order to protect and defend your life, we will not leave any source. Our lawyers are experienced against all types of murder charges, including felony murder, malice murder, voluntary manslaughter, non-voluntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide.

Our lawyerss can pick this defence in a courtroom, whether it is a compelling closing argument to interrogate a public witness or to prove deficiencies in the state’s evidence.

Strong Legal Representation

The police investigation may still lead to your arrest or a murder charge. Our defence lawyers will be with you throughout the legal process. Our lawyers can help you by creating a compelling case on your behalf. They will protect you from criminal investigations and attempts by the state to intimidate you.

The reality is that most criminal cases, like murder cases, are settled before going to trial. The negotiations brought a much higher level of participation, and prosecutors often assumed all the benefits. Our defence lawyers are familiar with this discussion and know-how to negotiate a favor for you.

Contact us for a Consultation

Defending against murder charges is a challenging but achievable goal. If you are charged with a murder case, contact our office today to discuss your murder case. You can reach us by phone or via e-mail to schedule your initial consultation. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Let us know your query.



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