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Criminal Law
The crime rate at Moose Jaw is increasing and astonishingly, the number of cops here are way lesser than the number of criminals. After getting caught, the punishments offered are so cruel and can cost your entire life. But in order to escape from the punishments, you need to hire an experienced Moose Jaw Criminal Defence Lawyer to escape from the case. The defense lawyers have helped a lot of criminals to get out of the case how bad it is. Two experienced criminal lawyers Moose Jaw Roch Dupont and Linh Pham have resolved many criminal cases that involved murder, drug trafficking, and smuggling cases successfully.

List of criminal cases won by Criminal defense law firm Moose Jaw

Any cases have been taken by these two esteemed lawyers and have won the case easily. You can easily come out of the case no matter how hard it is with the help of this criminal lawyer Moose Jaw. Following are the highly rated criminal cases which are won by the firm successfully.

  • Drug trafficking: In a case of drug trafficking, the client was found to pursue of cocaine and other drugs during a search warrant at his home. He was charged with possession of various drugs like cocaine, meth, and other drugs. The drug criminal lawyer Moose Jaw from our firm took up the case and fought against the case and made the client leave the case easily.
  • Assaulted with a weapon: The crime was made as a drama by a car accident. After the accident had occurred two people out which a single person sprayed the client and made her get accused of the accident. But one of our murder defense lawyer Moose Jaw Roch Dupont involved in the case and made the real victims to win the case with the help of evidence.
  • Body harmed by assault: A client was charged with the accuse of punching and knocking him to the terrace that resulted in the head damage. We a group of lawyers at the firm raised a number of issues legally like self-defense. The crown did not accept any of these statements and on the trial date, made a chartered argument that our client was denied his right to trial. Despite the opposition party’s claim, we made our client leave the case successfully.
  • Smuggling: A smuggling case was slapped in our client’s name where he was made tricked to carry the goods. It was another person who involved in the case and our drug smuggling defense lawyer made it clear before the proceedings and made him come out of the case.

There are many such cases that our firm’s experienced DUI layer Moose Jaw helped the clients to come out of the cases successfully without delay. The appointment can be filed online to resolve queries about your case before asking our lawyers to take up the case. Any crime accused on the clients will be successfully relieved by our lawyers on or before the trial date.



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