6 Facts About the Criminal Justice System in Canada

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The Criminal Justice System exists to ensure the safety and well-being of all Canadian Citizens. So that Canada’s citizens can remain confident, and this confidence helps them be more productive. The criminal justice system or CJS directly affects the nation’s productivity by keeping the citizens worry-free and safe.

Being a law-abiding citizen and observing the law is not just about knowing what you cannot do. Observing and being obedient to the law will tell you what you can do for the safety, peace, and productivity of society. And the law ensures the protection of your rights and also protects your freedom.

What is the Criminal Justice System?

Criminal justice provides justice to a person who has committed a crime. It ensures public safety, and the provided justice also keeps the moral value of the victim.

Criminal justice also sets the formation of laws, customs, and agencies created to maintain criminals responsible for their crimes and encourage them to revive the victims.

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6 Facts about the Criminal Justice System in Canada

There are some facts about the criminal justice system in Canada. Knowing these facts will help you be a better law-abiding citizen and help your society’s progress. You can also stay alert and be aware as a citizen to stay away from breaking the law.

So here are the essential factors about the Law of Canada

Public and Private Law

Public Law takes care of the matter that holistically acts on society. This practice of law forms the connection between one person and society. They are established by

Constitutional Law– Explains the connection among departments of Government, also provincial and federal governments. It supports fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Criminal Law- Criminal Law deals with criminals, crime, and punishment.

Administrative law- take care of operations of Government and the actions of Government as well.

Legal representation and court

The court is there for public welfare and solves any legal issues, disputes, and misunderstandings. However, it is wise to settle any conflict without being at the court. There are different levels of courts, such as

  • Provincial court
  • Federal court
  • Territorial court

These courts are involved in establishing and also interpreting the legal system. This is why to solve any legal issues in court, and you will require a lawyer. You can go to the law firm in your designated area and take legal advice and counseling from an experienced lawyer. You may even get financial aid from the law firm along with other complementary assistance.

Peace Keeping

Keeping the peace is the job of the law enforcement force or police. Only the police can enforce a law to keep peace in a particular area of Canada. If you are at risk of any criminal action or violence, immediately call the police or inform them. You can also notify the police about any illegal activity online.

For emergencies, you can call 911 for assistance. In case if you are stuck in any criminal case, it is best to help and cooperate with the police. It is your legal right to know about any matter, the police involve you, and you can also question them. You are innocent until there is substantial evidence that can prove you guilty.

Family law

Family law deals with the matter inside a family as well as a domestic relationship. It takes care of the law on

  • Domestic partnership
  • Civil union
  • Marriages
  • Child and elderly abuse
  • Family violence

Labour law

Labour law deals with employee and employer laws and any disputes between the employee and the employer. These disputes are

  • Minimum wage
  • Employment insurance
  • Overtime
  • Hiring
  • Holidays
  • Vacations

Labour law acts upon these issues to provide justice to both the employer and employee. There are many cases where the employer does not pay a justified amount of wages to the employee or makes them work for extra hours. There are cases of the employer not providing the holidays and vacations that an employee deserves. In a situation like that, labor law comes to play.

Animal Law

Animal laws in Canada are very strong. There is an animal welfare act that makes animal hunting legal in Canada with strict regulations. But if someone fails to follow the rule, then there are tough consequences. Animal cruelty is not acceptable, and animal law also plays a vital role in wildlife preservation.

Final Words

If you are not aware of criminal justice after reading this article, you probably know what criminal justice is and how it works. Knowing all the facts about criminal justice and all the related factors now, you can be a bit aware of how things work in the world of law and enforcement.

Our safety is our right. And criminal law is there to preserve the law and maintain the law by providing justice. And our law and enforcement make sure that we have enough safety and freedom that increases our productivity. There is no doubt without the law and enforcement and criminal justice, and the whole would be in chaos.

And without the right knowledge of the law, we would be like a ship without a radar.



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