Moose Jaw Human Trafficking Lawyer

Moose Jaw Human Trafficking Lawyer

Human trafficking is an illegal trade or sale of people for sexual exploitation. It is also referred to as modern slavery, involving the movement of others to force them to provide work without payment or short compensation. It’s considered a severe crime in Moose Jaw.

If a person has an intention that the transporter is indentured by forced labour, the person might get charged with human trafficking. On the other hand, if a person is financially benefiting the participant by forced labour, the person may be charged for human trafficking.

If you or your loving person are accused of human trafficking, it is critical to obtain legal counsel immediately. The Criminal Lawyer in Moose Jaw provides aggressive criminal defence counsel for human sex trafficking charges and investigations in and around Moose Jaw.

Examples of Human Trafficking

The first example is that a prostitute alleged that she is working for a pimp who offered her sex services in exchange for money from clients. The pimp can be accused of human trafficking because they deprive a prostitute of freedom by providing sexual acts or causing bodily harm.

A family hires illegal immigrants from Canada to provide housekeeping services. The family arranges for accommodation but does not pay enough for her work. They threaten to housekeep if she stops working, they will report to the immigration authorities.

In this type of case, the family members may charge with human trafficking. They get arrested because they deprive her of the ability to leave him with the threat of reporting her in immigration.

Type of Human Trafficking

The primary type of human trafficking is sex trafficking. There are also some other types of human trafficking. Let’s talk about the type of human trafficking.

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is one of the most significant criminal businesses in the world. It is a form of modern-day slavery and is one type of human trafficking. It is defined as soliciting or transportation of a person for a commercial sex act. Acquisition, transportation, and exploitation are the three types of activities defined as sex trafficking offences.

Sex trafficking is based on the interaction between selling sexual predators to customers for performing sexual services. If someone forcefully or fraud to make an adult engage in commercial sex acts, the person gets charged with sex trafficking.

Forced Labor

Forced labour is defined as any law or service which is subject to the risk of being punished by someone who does not voluntarily consent to it. Most human trafficking in the world takes the form of forced labour. Forced labour can result when dishonest employees take advantage of gaps in law enforcement to exploit vulnerable workers.

Forced labour is also referred to as involuntary slaves. Forced labour people are usually prepared to work in the sector, such as:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Construction
  3. Food processing and packaging
  4. Agriculture
  5. Service industry

Due to the high rate of unemployment, poverty, crime, discrimination, these workers have become more vulnerable to forced labour. Women who are the victim of forced labour are often subjected to sexual abuse.

Debt Bondage

Debt bondage is known as debt slavery or bonded labour. It is a crime where victims are offered a job abroad with free transportation or borrow money for the controllers for the travel and a job finding fee. When they arrive at the destination, they discover that the job does not exist or is not what it was initially paid for and gets stuck trying to pay.

It is also known as debt slavery or bonded labour and is also a significant factor in human trafficking. The person who is forced labour may also be subject to debt bonding, where they are deceived into working for a small amount of money to repay their debt.

Constitutes of Human Trafficking

If you face charges of human trafficking, one of the following is likely to apply:

  1. It can be an investigation of bonded labour, which is the case for paying for a service where the terms of the contract are not defined for compulsion.
  2. Sexual trafficking of women or children occurs when the accused criminal forces the victim into a vulnerable situation. They push the victim into prostitution, performing porn videos or films, dancing in strip clubs, and other forms of irregular services.
  3. Conspiracy is the term where most human trafficking cases involved additional criminal charges. However, other offences like fraud, abduction, forgery, theft and drug possession, production, the sale may apply.
  4. Some of the defendants plead guilty to lesser offences. Victims who are unwilling to cooperate with law enforcement officers may also face lower penalties.

An experienced human trafficking lawyer in Moose Jaw is well aware of conviction rates and the option to negotiate lower rates and application rates. They also aggressively pursue these options for the benefit of their clients.

Penalties for Human Trafficking

The punishment for carrying out human trafficking is severe. If a person accused of human trafficking, the person might face up to $5000 fined and of 10 years of imprisonment. In addition to this, the person might get fined up to $15000 and up to 25 years in prison if the person accused the crime in a big tray.

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