Moose Jaw Drug Charges Lawyer

Moose Jaw Drug Charges Lawyer

Drug charges can be very serious. There are several penalties for possession of marijuana, illegal prescription trafficking, and other drug offences. This offence can lead to lifelong consequences, imprisonment in jail, fines, and a criminal record that will follow you wherever you go.

If you are ever charged with drug offences, you need to contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can actively protect you and represent your interest with passion.

Types of Drug Charges

In Moose Jaw, drug charges can be classified into one or more of the following general categories.

Drug manufacturing: Drug manufacturing defines in a way that preparing, producing, and cultivating illegal drugs for personal use or distribution.

Drug possession: Drug possession is a crime that is under the state and federal drug laws to possess any illegal controlled substances like cocaine, marijuana, or heroin.

Drug trafficking: Drug trafficking is a severe offence that usually involves transporting large quantities of drugs.

Drug dealing: Drug dealing refers to the sale of small quantities of illicit drugs by a person.

Law Enforcement of Police

Police have law enforcement agencies to search for a person without a warrant after the arrest. The reason for the inquiry is to protect and collect evidence of the officers. Most of the time, someone arrest for unrelated crimes for warrantless searches conducted.

When the police decide to enter and search his house without a warrant at the crime scene, it can be referred to as a Charter violation. Another reason is whether the suspect agreed to a search of the home.

Search Warrants

If a valid warrant is issued by a judge to search for a particular location where the drugs are found, it may be possible to challenge the basis of the warrant being issued.

If someone received the original warrant depending on unreliable or incorrect information, the warrant might be invalid. The advantages that the search warrant results may be excluded from the evidence.

Consent to Search

The police officer will always seek the permission of the search, as this will likely eliminate the possibility of the search being unlawful. Most people think they have to consent to a search legally. In some other cases, if you are not arrested, the police probably do not have the right to search.

Illegally obtained evidence

The evidence is obtained unlawfully does not necessarily mean the court will acquit you and exclude it. Under section-24, the court will be able to identify illegally obtained evidence. They bring the administration of justice to a degree of dissatisfaction that the only tolerable remedy is to banish the evidence.

Plain View

Police officers are allowed to charge and seize the criminal for the drugs they find in plain view. If they pull you up on a passenger seat, then they have the right to arrest you and to investigate your incident.

Penalties for Drug Crime Convictions

Penalties for drug crimes vary from state to state. In Moose Jaw, it mainly depends on the categories of drugs. Crime charges differ depending on the nature and circumstances of the charge, the type and quantity of the drug at issue, and the number of prior drug offences or penalties.

Some of the standard penalties for Moose Jaw drug offences are as follows

  1. Imprisonment
  2. Fines
  3. Probation
  4. Community service
  5. Mandatory presence in drug abuse treatment programs

Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

At the Law Office of Criminal Lawyer in Moose Jaw, we provide our clients with an extraordinary defence of their rights against all manner of drug charges. Our extensive experience lawyers will not be afraid to fight for your rights at trial if necessary.

Consult With Us About Your Case

Drug crimes are a serious crime in Moose Jaw. An experienced Moose Jaw criminal defense lawyer may be able to assist with the prosecution’s dismissal of the drug charges against you or the reduction of the sentence after your conviction. You can contact a Moose Jaw drug lawyer at any time by phone on (306) 502-5987 or email for an initial consultation.



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